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About iHelpMusicians

My name is Scott James and I built this website to serve musicians like you.

Everything here is designed to help you get results.

iHelpMusicians offers products, services, a blog, tips and tutorials to help bring you more fans and less stress.

Regularly published content will include the following:

  •  Quotes. I love good quotes as much as anyone. There’s a lot of condensed wisdom that can be found in just a sentence or two. However, it’s one thing to read a quote and say ‘huh, that’s interesting’ and it’s another thing to really examine it, absorb it, and apply it’s insight to actually do some good. So I’ll be posting one of my favorite quotes and opening up a discussion about it. They’ll be rendered as an image and also be shared on the Facebook and Pinterest pages.
  • TutorialsThis will be a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to do something useful. Got any requests? 
  • Blog PostsWhatever I feel the need to say. From the thought-provoking and philosophical to the concrete and practical.
  • Actionable TipsQuick tips that you can implement right away to get a specific result.
About Scott James

Scott James is a guitar player with a background in sales, personality profiling and web design.

Scott JamesHis clients have included award winning producers, rockstars, hit songwriters and countless independent artists.

As a blogger, Scott began writing in 2009 at and has since written some of the most popular blog posts for companies like CD Baby, Broadjam and Disc Makers.

He’s received a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and Myers-Briggs profiling certification from Antonia Dodge and Camronn Huff. He’s also studied entrepreneurship, personal development and various personality profiling systems through live training and personal coaching with mentors such as Giovanni Cavalieri, Phil MacNevin and Eben Pagan.

Scott has studied guitar and music theory with Chris Broderick of Megadeth and is best known as a guitarist for his work with the artist VAJA.