No really, it is.

And yes, I realize that I’ve probably never seen it.

And sure, maybe there are times when it makes you feel like this…



…but still, it is awesome.

Why is it awesome?

Ask Johannes Gutenberg.

Well, you can’t literally, because he’s dead, but anyway…

Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press.

steve9/hdc/people3/hd0260Before he came along, books were made one at a time, sometimes taking years to finish and each costing a small fortune. Not that it mattered much since no one knew how to read them anyway…

Gutenberg revolutionized written communication by creating a machine that was able to produce a staggering 180 Bibles in just 2 years. And they only cost about 3 years salary for an average clerk!

By now you probably see where I’m going with the whole ‘your website is awesome’ thing.

Your website is awesome because:

You can write a song and make it available to every corner of the civilized world for free in minutes. You can show your face and tell your story to people you’ll never meet. You can publish art that will inspire hope on the other side of the planet.

Do you realize how amazing that is?!

I understand that most of us are just trying to get by and to keep up with everyone else and to have a chance of being heard and making a decent living. And I understand that websites can be a source of frustration.

Most of us don’t appreciate the miracle of the technology that’s available to us because we don’t know or remember what it was like when communication was much more difficult and expensive.

We’re also not programmed to use computers. We’re programmed to live in groups of people that we communicate with directly. We’re programmed to use our hands and to operate directly on our environment.

early man

The biology hasn’t caught up with the technology. That’s why you get what you see in the video at the top of this post.

The good news is, we can overcome these limitations with some guidance and some good information.

I’ve never come across a website frustration that couldn’t be solved.

If you’re an artist with something to say to the world, then I have no doubt that you can LOVE your website. I mean really LOVE it.

With a little perspective and some guidance you’ll come to see that your website is awesome.

And when you love your website, other people will too.

This is one of the key principles we discuss in my free course, “Double Your Website Traffic in 30 Days or Less.”

If you’d like to have a better relationship with your website and if you’d like to learn how to attract more people to it, then I encourage you to check it out. Just enter your email address in the sidebar on the right side of this page →

Gutenberg Loves Your Website

Scott James
Scott James

Scott James is a guitar player with a background in sales and web design. His clients have included Ritchie Kotzen, Kenny Lee Lewis of the Steve Miller Band and hit songwriter Jeff Silbar. Recent project include the Viral Music Player which he programmed and co-created with fellow blogger/marketer John Oszajca. Scott began blogging on his site in 2009 and has since written some of the most popular posts for CD Baby’s DIY Musician and Disc Makers’ Echoes blog. Scott has studied guitar and music theory with Chris Broderick of Megadeth. He has also received a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and is currently in training for Myers-Briggs profiling certification with Antonia Dodge and Camronn Huff as well as studying entrepreneurship, personal development and various personality profiling systems under the guidance of mentor Giovanni Cavalieri.

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