A Professional Website Package
Designed to do One Thing:
Attract New Fans.

Scott JamesHi, my name is Scott James and for the past 5 years I’ve built websites for rockstars, hit songwriters, award winning producers, some of the leading bloggers in the industry and countless independent artists.

As a musician myself, and as someone with a passion for helping other musicians, I never wanted to be the kind of web designer who simply builds sites to the client’s specifications and serves as nothing more than a technician.

I like to think of my clients as friends and I like to help them get what they really want, which is more than just a nice-looking website.

I like to help musicians get results.

Scott helped me completely reinvigorate my online presence. My new website perfectly reflects my unique personality as an artist, and it’s super-easy for me to update all by myself. – Ali Handal

Unfortunately, I’ve heard a lot of frustrating stories from clients who had all kinds of problems and headaches with their websites in the past. This is because there are really only three options available to most musicians when they need a new website:

  1. Hire a professional web designer to build you a custom site – this can easily cost a small fortune, and typically what happens is that the designer will have little insight into how specifically the website will actually help the artist grow their fan-base and will almost never take responsibility for the results that the artist actually gets from the site.
  2. Purchase a monthly template setup – the first problem with these sites is that, well, they look like templates. They also deny access to the actual files of the website - so you don’t own them and no one can edit them. You need to keep paying them to keep your site online and as soon as you stop, all the work you’ve spent building your site is gone. On top of that, these sites come with a long list of things you can’t do because of their restricted access. And again, no one is taking responsibility for helping you get real results.
  3. Do it yourself –  this is the route I took, and let’s just say, I haven’t played a show in years. Unless you actually want to transition from being a musician to being a full-time web designer, I don’t recommend it. It will take thousands of hours to get good at and in the process you’ll end up with pandora’s box of weird, annoying, frustrating and embarrassing problems.

As you can see, none of those options are very appealing. So what I’ve set out to do is to create a new option. One that’s built to produce real-world results. One that includes professional design, but that’s affordable for working musicians. And one that takes responsibility for the results that you get, by offering a training course, a support system and a money-back guarantee.

I firmly believe that this deal is the absolute best value that exists for musicians anywhere.

I call it:

The Fan-Attracting Website Package

Fan-Attracting Website Package

The Fan-Attracting Website Package gives you everything you need to grow your fan base online. An updatable, customized, professional website and the training and support to get maximum results.

Here’s What You’ll Get:


  • A website designed for you to attract new fans – that means your site will be optimized for sharing across all the major social media networks and search engines.
  • Training, support and feedback so you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to grow your fan base using your website.
  • The ability to update and publish new content on your site any time you like, including squeeze pages for building your mailing list and sales pages for selling your music and merch.
  • Access to all of your website files and database so you’ll always have them.
  • Unique custom graphics from a professional designer, so your site will look great.
  • A mobile version of your site that will show up automatically for visitors on mobile devices.
  • Tons of options that will allow you to customize different elements of your site, such as colors, fonts, background, logo, etc.
  • A 30 day 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. I’ve never heard of a money back guarantee on anything that includes a full website with custom graphic work, but I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with your site that I’m gladly offering it.

About the Website

wordpress-logoThe Fan-Attracting Website is built on the WordPress platform, which allows you to easily update your website and publish new content, including news, blog posts, videos and more. It’s great for the search engines and gives us the ability to add some very powerful tools that will dramatically increase sharing and social engagement.

We’ll install WordPress for you, optimize it and add my favorite add-ons and settings to help you grow your fan base.

For example, you could spontaneously create a video or take a photo from your smartphone and publish it to your site in seconds and automatically have WordPress post links to your video on Facebook and Twitter.

WordPress also allows you to create separate accounts for different members of your band or other members of your team, so you can each create new content under your own name.

Scott from IHelpMusicians really helped Sunspot create a site that not only looks great and is easy to maintain, but most importantly, is specifically designed to attract new fans for our band! -Mike Huberty (SunspotMusic.com)

Custom Design from Aaron Null

Aaron NullAaron Null has done graphic design work for everyone from 2Pac to Rebecca Black. He’ll create the design elements of your site and work with you to make sure you’re thrilled with how your website looks and expresses who you are as an artist.

There are few people I have worked with that have the skills that Aaron has. – Pat Walls



The ‘Using Your Website to Attract Fans’ Online Course

On purchasing The Fan-Attracting Website Package you’ll be given instant access to the accompanying course: ‘Using Your Website to Attract Fans‘.

This course encompasses all of the knowledge, experience and insight I’ve accumulated as a blogger, web designer, musician and consultant and expands on the ideas I’ve shared in some of the most popular posts in the industry’s leading blogs for companies such as CD Baby, Disc Makers, Music Think Tank, Broadjam and Independent Rockstar.

The course is divided into three sections, starting with psychology, moving into strategy and then finishing with step-by-step tutorials.


Fan Attraction Psychology

In this section we’ll cover the mindsets and inner-game of attracting new fans both online and off.

Fan Attraction Strategy

fan-attraction-strategyIn part two we’ll cover the actual strategies and techniques that you can use to grow your fan base.

Step-by-Step tutorials

step-by-step-tutorialsIn the final section I’ll show you step-by-step how to update your website, publish new content and execute the strategies from the course.

The Process

1. Getting Started

When you purchase your Fan-Attracting Website Package you’ll be given instant access to the ‘How to Use Your Website to Attract More Fans’ course. You’ll also be given a questionnaire to give us your input on the design elements of the site.

2. Design

Within 5 business days after receiving your questionnaire you’ll be sent the design proofs. From there we’ll go through a series of revisions, with your input, to get the design just right.

3. Setup

Within 2 business days of your approval of the design, we’ll install WordPress, install your customized design and add all of my favorite add-ons and optimizations. We’ll create a home page, blog page and contact page. From there you’ll be able to easily add your own pages and content, including photo galleries, music, video, blog posts, etc.

4. Launch

Once your website is ready to rock you can flip the switch to go live and start using your website to bring in new fans.

Continued Learning and Support

Facebook Group

Facebook GroupNetwork, trade ideas and get feedback from other musicians in our Facebook group. This mastermind group is exclusively for purchasers of the Fan-Attracting Website Package. Here you’ll find some of the select few independent artists who are committed to learning how to get real results and actually grow their fan base online.

Support Forum

ihm-forums-200Get answers to all your technical questions in the dedicated support forum.


With The Fan-Attracting Website Package you’ll have a website you can be proud of that will give you everything you need grow your audience online. You’ll get more than just a website, you’ll gain new fans and learn strategies and techniques that will help you grow your fan base for years to come. And if you don’t feel you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth in the first thirty days we’ll gladly issue you a full refund.

Making Your Purchase

The Fan-Attracting Website Package starts at just $400. This comes with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.


Sign up now and receive a free year of hosting! ($50 value) This includes a free email address (you@yourdomain.com) and login info so you can access your hosting account directly at any time.

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30-day-money-back-1Your website comes with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten a fantastic value for the money you’ve spent, I will gladly issue you a prompt refund.


Scott is amazing to work with. I highly recommend his services.
– Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller Band)