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Facebook Thumbnail Tip

Thumbnail images have a huge impact on the amount of clicks a post will receive on Facebook. Controlling the image that shows up when people share a page on your website is important. So how do you choose the image? Glad you asked…

If you use Worpress you can install a plugin called “Easy Facebook Share Thumbnails“. It uses the ‘featured image‘ for each post as your Facebook thumbnail and allows you to choose a default thumbnail for any page or post that doesn’t have one specified.

If you’re not using wordpress you can choose your thumbnail by inserting this code between the <head> and </head> tags. Just replace “url to image” with the url to the image you want to use – i.e. “”:

<meta property="og:image" content="url to image" />

One important thing to note is that Facebook will store the thumbnail for a particular page or post on your site in their cache if it’s shared. This can be frustrating if you didn’t specify your thumbnail ahead of time and end up with one you don’t like. Fortunately there’s a little trick that allows you to re-set it. Just go here: and enter in the URL of the page or post you want to re-set. Once you send it through the de-bugger your thumbnail will automatically be re-set.

Scott James
Scott James

Scott James is a guitar player with a background in sales and web design. His clients have included Ritchie Kotzen, Kenny Lee Lewis of the Steve Miller Band and hit songwriter Jeff Silbar. Recent project include the Viral Music Player which he programmed and co-created with fellow blogger/marketer John Oszajca. Scott began blogging on his site in 2009 and has since written some of the most popular posts for CD Baby’s DIY Musician and Disc Makers’ Echoes blog. Scott has studied guitar and music theory with Chris Broderick of Megadeth. He has also received a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and is currently in training for Myers-Briggs profiling certification with Antonia Dodge and Camronn Huff as well as studying entrepreneurship, personal development and various personality profiling systems under the guidance of mentor Giovanni Cavalieri.

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