Although this is a course on using your website to attract fans, it would be a missed opportunity if we didn’t address how your live events can increase your results online. There are two important ways you can leverage your live shows to get better results:

1) Get People on Your Mailing List

If you have experience building a mailing list online, you’ll know that this is a big one. People pay good money to attract subscribers to their mailing list because it’s the most effective way to convert people to fans and customers online. Live shows are a HUGE opportunity to grow your list and deepen your engagement with potential fans. That being said, I recommend you have a simple policy when it comes to your mailing list at shows:

Everyone watching the show is directly presented with the opportunity to sign up for your mailing list.

That means that someone hands them a clipboard and a pen and asks them to sign up for the list. No exceptions.

Do you have a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/super fan who’s good with people and would be happy to help you grow your fan base? Recruit them for the job of signing people up for the list. If you’re playing larger shows then you can recruit street team members by offering free merch, tickets, exclusive content, etc. Even if you have to pay out some money it’s worth it. Make it happen.

That being said, it’s important to respect this job and the people who do it. It’s not about getting people to do things for you because you’re so awesome. It’s about serving a greater goal that benefits everyone. Always treat your people well, respect their needs and make sure they enjoy doing what you’re asking them to do.

2) Post About Your Shows on Your Website

Have a good gig coming up? Take photos, take video and encourage others to do the same. Especially for shows that you know will have a good turnout.

Encourage fans to send you their photos and videos or tag you in them on Facebook, and then post them on the site. Fans are much more likely to share a post that relates to a show they were at – especially if it showcases photos or video that they took themselves.

In addition, encouraging fans to take photos and video of your show will increase exposure by virtue of the fact that they’ll post the content online for others to see, even without you asking them to.